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Bird Stencils

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Bird Tattoo Designs – Fanciful Designs from Nature

One of the first things that you should decide when choosing bird tattoo designs is how big you want it to be. Because birds have wings, there are ways to make them appear very big or very small. Certain varieties of birds, like eagles, hawks, and falcons, are known for having very large wingspans, and if you wanted to get a design that features their wings unfurled, the tattoo is probably going to be pretty big.

Smaller birds that are more delicate and feminine, like hummingbirds, doves, and songbirds can be portrayed on a smaller portion of skin. First of all, you should understand that bird tattoo designs are some of the most popular tattoo styles in the world today. Along with butterflies, religious symbols, names of people, portraits, and stars, birds are one of society’s favourite things to tattoo on the skin.
This might come from the fact that many birds are used to symbolize freedom, sports teams, nature, and things that’s simply wild and beautiful. Our Bird Tattoo Stencils have several different symbolic meanings.

Because of their position in flight, birds are seen as a link between heaven and earth.Traditionally, birds are also depicted as representations of power, nobility, strength, immortality, resurrection, new life, and wisdom. Some smaller birds, like doves, are signs of love, longing, or peace.  Birds are part of the art and lore of most major religions around the world.  Whatever you wish to communicate, our body art stencils create stylized, modern tattoos that will wow your friends!
  are the UK’s leading supplier for quality temporary tattoo products. Included in our range of products are we also have the Uk’s largest selection of universal body-art stencils and spray tattoo stencils for you to purchase safely on-line.


Our new 2013 range now includes body art from a spray can! They are easy to remove and last about six days, all available in deep rich colours. A variety of colours are always available from stock including our new Ultraviolet ink range.  Why not combine with glitter powders and gems to give your design that little extra sparkle.

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