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Tribal Stencils

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Tribal Tattoo Stencils – Thousands of Years of Tattooing

Tribal tattoos have been used by tribes around the world for thousands of years as a method of identification, social status, rite of passage, magic, and protection. Modern tribal tattoos have become extraordinarily popular, but are used mostly because of their aesthetic appeal rather than for their meanings.

These designs, like the ones in our tribal stencils, are usually strong lines with curves and pointed ends. The new tribal designs are custom-made to resemble the look of tattooing original to actual tribes, but not copy it outright. Sometimes copying the actual tribal designs can be a great insult to the tribe members. In the case of New England’s Maori tribe, their Ta Moko tattoo process is so much a part of who they are that copying the design is considered identity theft.
  are the UK’s leading supplier for quality temporary tattoo products. Included in our range of products are we also have the Uk’s largest selection of universal body-art stencils and spray tattoo stencils for you to purchase safely on-line.


Our new 2013 range now includes body art from a spray can! They are easy to remove and last about six days, all available in deep rich colours. A variety of colours are always available from stock including our new Ultraviolet ink range.  Why not combine with glitter powders and gems to give your design that little extra sparkle.

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