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Floral  Stencils

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Floral Stencils – A Tattoo of Love and Beauty

Most women have tattoos of flowers simply because they are very attractive. The floral design is a permanent accessory. Our spray-on tattoos offer the opportunity to enjoy this current skin enhancement without the permanent commitment of a tattoo. Modern flower tattoos are not only beautiful, they are can also be edgy and stylised. Sometimes, they include thorns within the roses to indicate that beauty is accompanied by danger. If you want a walk on the wild side, you might want to give our floral stencils a try. You can choose your favourite colour from our variety of sprays. If you want a glistening, reflective tattoo, we have UV glitter sprays to amplify your design.

Flowers have long been used in many ceremonies, including religious rites, civil proceedings, festivals, parties, honouring events, and more. Because of this, our floral stencils afford a fantastic addition to your ceremony fashion. They can be romantic and seductive, perfect for a get-together with your sweetheart. Tattoos give the wearer a mysterious beauty that is great for those times when you want to make an impression on your significant other. You can entice them or play a practical joke on them by making your tattoo disappear when you easily remove it.
  are the UK’s leading supplier for quality temporary tattoo products. Included in our range of products are we also have the Uk’s largest selection of universal body-art stencils and spray tattoo stencils for you to purchase safely on-line.


Our new 2013 range now includes body art from a spray can! They are easy to remove and last about six days, all available in deep rich colours. A variety of colours are always available from stock including our new Ultraviolet ink range.  Why not combine with glitter powders and gems to give your design that little extra sparkle.

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