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Heart Stencils

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Hearts Stencils – Decorated with Love and Loyalty

Couples looking for a way to express their undying love have long turned to heart tattoos, often repenting for it later in life. Why not copy this time-honoured way of proving devotion with less permanency and more unrepentant fun? Have a blast giving each other romantic heart tattoos in out of the way places. Celebrate relationship milestones with matching tattoos. Give yourself a hidden tattoo heart and let your significant other come and find it. Our heart stencils and tattoo sprays can provide romance and fun, without a permanent tattoo’s commitment level or high price tag.

Simple heart or heart and flower designs represent love and loyalty. The rose and heart are a common combination for enduring passion. Maybe you are looking for love and need an emotional boost. Get yourself one of our heart stencils and a spray in your favourite colour. You could even try glitter spray for a great conversation starter at parties and clubs. The lights will glisten off your skin, creating a mysterious and enticing look. Girl-power get-togethers are a great chance to get matching heart tattoos symbolising friendship love for one another and self. In fact, for a pick-me-up and reinforcement of your happiness with your worth as a person, our heart designs are ideal.

Heart stencils are a temporary way to adorn your skin for celebrations and special occasions. You might wear one to a wedding to support the love of your friends as they commit their lives to one another. All the bridesmaids can get matching ones at the bachelorette party as part of the wedding fashion. You can relax and have a good time. Our spray-on tattoos last for six days, but you can remove them easily whenever you wish. They are simple and fun to apply, making them a hit activity at parties for girls at any age.
  are the UK’s leading supplier for quality temporary tattoo products. Included in our range of products are we also have the Uk’s largest selection of universal body-art stencils and spray tattoo stencils for you to purchase safely on-line.


Our new 2013 range now includes body art from a spray can! They are easy to remove and last about six days, all available in deep rich colours. A variety of colours are always available from stock including our new Ultraviolet ink range.  Why not combine with glitter powders and gems to give your design that little extra sparkle.

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