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Japanese Stencils

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Japanese Stencils – Elegance and Fun in the Kanji Style

Tattoos of Japanese characters are extremely popular in Western culture. Called Kanji tattoos, they are composed of many strokes, and one character can represent a whole idea, like love, earth, or heaven. When getting a permanent Kanji tattoo it is very important that the strokes are very precise, because changing them can change the meaning. Arranging several characters together can also change their meaning, so care must be taken so as not to offend or shock native Japanese speakers. With our Japanese stencils, you don’t have to worry about that. They are precisely and correctly designed.

The application of our Japanese stencils is simple so you won’t change the meaning in the process. Our sprays come in a vibrant selection of colours to give you exactly the look you want for any occasion. You can even bling up your style with our glitter spray. Individuals, groups, and sports teams with ties to Japan can enjoy a cool tattoo look without the commitment to a permanent tattoo. Whether you need that extra boost for the big game, play, party or date, you can get it with our stencils and sprays.

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  are the UK’s leading supplier for quality temporary tattoo products. Included in our range of products are we also have the Uk’s largest selection of universal body-art stencils and spray tattoo stencils for you to purchase safely on-line.


Our new 2013 range now includes body art from a spray can! They are easy to remove and last about six days, all available in deep rich colours. A variety of colours are always available from stock including our new Ultraviolet ink range.  Why not combine with glitter powders and gems to give your design that little extra sparkle.

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